About Hivemind

We are a team inspired and dedicated to understand the technology market so that we can provide insights, analysis and predictions.


Hivemind Research analyses the internet in order to provide insight into technology trends. The Alexa Top 1 Million is used to help identify and rank sites but the wider internet is also being researched. This analysis is conducted through a detection engine that can determine the website technologies that it being used. The engine has over 490 technologies with over 1000 heuristics.


With the research available to us, and an understanding of the software landscape we can provide analysis on trends and predictions. Our vision is to become experts in technologies, providing information on their usage and insight into their advantages and disadvantages.


Tom Robertshaw and Nick Jones began research in 2011 looking at solely ecommerce platforms. Through popularity this was able to grow to research 80 different ecommerce packages in 2014.

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